Capturing life’s ever changing and fluid landscapes.

Fused glass art is made by kiln firing compatible glass at high temperatures (1,700+ degrees Fahrenheit) and/or slumping at lower temperatures (1,100 – 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit). As heat is applied, the glass softens and becomes fluid. With continued heat the glass fuses together. The fused glass becomes solid after it is heated and cooled properly.

Fusing glass was the primary technique used to make small glass pieces from 2500 BC to around 300 BC when glassblowing was developed. Glassblowing then replaced fusing as the favorite technique for shaping glass objects. Fused glass was revitalized in the early 20th century and today has become a specialized market in the world of fine art.

Glassy Mosaic makes custom fused glass art in Flagstaff, Arizona and ships throughout the continental United States. You can commission a piece designed with your specific requirements, or you can buy our original pieces currently in inventory. On this site you will find commissioned art that is already sold for example purposes only, and there are inventory pieces available for sale now.



Melted glass is fluid like nature. Nature is living, changes over time and the imperfections make it beautiful. I do not strive to make each piece perfect, rather I strive to make each piece alive which results in a unique meaning for each person.
A mural or a backsplash can be anything you envision: Landscapes, gardens, flowers, jungle scenes, flowers, birds. Their design can be contemporary, abstract or traditional.
The Dream Tree gives joy and meaning to the eye of the beholder. Every trunk, branch, flower, pebble is filled with color and has a unique meaning and inspiration for each person.
Rivers are fluid, and they are living art. The River Rock series captures the essence of the river and the unique colors and shapes found in rivers and riverbeds.